Discounts & Points

VMMJA offers a number of different discounts throughout the year, depending on holidays and events, but two major discounts that are in place all year are the Veteran's Discount and the Loyalty Points Program.

The Vet Discount is offered to all military personnel and retired military personnel, as well as military spouses. The discount is 10% off each order above the minimum order. If the vet discount is not able to be applied to an order, then bonus freebies are supplemented to take the discounts place.

While the vet discount is limited to military alone, our Loyalty Points Program is open to all patients.  You are enrolled in the program beginning with your first purchase as a patient.  Every $10 spent = 1 point.  Every 5 points = $1 off on a future purchase.  The points are flexible.  So you can use some, all, or none as you see fit.  The patient has total control.

And if you love what you see and get here, let your friends know! We give a 25 point referral bonus for every patient referred.  Those can add up fast!
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